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First off, I would like to say sorry for being SOO late with my replies, updates, and submission. As soon as I got back from my trip my new semester started and i got busy quickly. Lucky things have died down to a much slower pace now so I can finally do some thing other than studying now XD.

oh and I got tagged today... and its a gaming survey, which I've never done before.

-Post the questions and rules in a journal
-Answer the questions
-Tag some people

1) What's your favorite game?
2) What's your favorite video game character?
3) Favorite game genre?
4) Favorite platform/console?
5) What games are you currently playing?
6) What games do you wish you were playing?   
7) What game can't you be beaten at?
8) What's the first game you ever played?
9) What's the first console you ever played?
10) Why do you love gaming?

1. Hm... this one's a toughie.... I'll stick to the first one I've ever played... Final Fantasy X
2. @.@ but I have so many!.... I'll list some for now. lets see... Riku (KH series), Zack Fair (FFVII CC), Shadow (Sonic The Hedgehog), Zero (MegaMan X/ and MegaMan Z), Yuna and Tidus (FFX series)... that SOME OF THEM XD.
3. Most of the games I love playing are JRPG. and Sometimes strategy games too.
4. Playstation all the way! don't get me wrong I loved playing with my 3DS its just that I need more games on that thing.
5. Currently, I'm replaying Final Fantasy X. Damn you Chocobo catcher.
6. Kingdom Hearts 3 T^T
7. .... I dunno..... everyone beats me when I try playing Online, especially the first time I dared to try Call of Duty MW. But I discovered that I can out strategize some people in Fire Emblem: Awakening :D.
8. As I said in 1 Final Fantasy X.
9. it was a PlayStation 2, although I did have a SEGA Genesis and a Playstation 1 after that but I never really played with them.
10. Well, It a good way to fill up my boring day when I have an Art block or have nothing else to do. and it's sometimes a very good way for me to relax... Unless I'm fed up with a puzzle XD.

I tag... :iconailwynraydom::iconmeta-kaz: and anyone else since :iconpandaman1555: tagged all the other gamers I know of XD
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Salwa Sami Al-Qattan
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Still studying XD

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